International Project Management and Future of Work

Author: Prof. Dr. Marc Opresnik & Dr. Anja C. Wagner
Offering Institution: Technische Hochschule Lübeck
Course Language: English
Field of Knowledge: Preparation Courses Free of Charge
Average Workload: 30 Hours Free of Charge Enrol

What awaits you in this course?

Due to globalization, the relevance of project management is steadily increasing, as work is often organized in the form of projects. This is especially the case, where interdisciplinary tasks have to be conducted in a fast and economic manner.

It is nowadays a prerequisite for success that a company rapidly adapts to changing market conditions. Companies work and think increasingly in project structures. The underlying complexity requires a competent methodology.

In this course, you get to know the most important instruments and methods of project management. Develop your skills in teamwork, steering, time management, risk management, communication and the leadership of processes. These are the basics for initiating, planning, executing, documenting and reviewing projects.

Modern life is digital. Managing projects in a modern setting requires the special acknowledgement of changing workplace conditions that come with new technologies and global collaboration. The course introduces you to some of the central topics, skills and attitudes that prepare you for the future of work for modern project management.

What can you learn in this course?

Over the course of the next weeks, you will participate in the following units on international project management:

  1. Introduction to international project management
  2. Project organisation
  3. Project phases
  4. Communication - Interdisciplinary soft skills

The excursus on the topic "Future of Work" offers the following units:

  1. Introduction to FoW
    • The rise of the internet and the age of abundance
    • Globalization, platforms & automatization
  2. New Work
    • Trends & structures: Remote work, crowd working & virtual teams
    • Modern workflows: New tools & decentralized communication
  3. New Culture
    • Self-management: Agile processes & lifelong learning
    • Personal Networks: New working & learning environments


Every week you can discover video lectures, which are supplemented by additional information. In a weekly rhythm, you can use your newly acquired skills to answer the discussion questions jointly with other participants.

Further authors

Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Opresnik

Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Opresnik is Professor of Marketing and Management and Member of the Board of Directors at SGMI St. Gallen Management Institute. In addition, he is Professor of Business Administration at Luebeck University of Applied Sciences as well as a visiting professor to international universities. He has 10 years of experience working in senior management and marketing positions for Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd. Dr. Opresnik is the author of numerous articles and books. As "Senior Executive Vice President” and "Chief Research Officer” at "Kotler Impact Inc.", he is responsible for global development, planning, implementation and management of university courses and executive trainings as well as global research initiatives and cooperation. He also works as a coach, keynote speaker and consultant for numerous institutions, governments and international corporations.

Dr. Anja C. Wagner

Dr. Anja C. Wagner deals with user experience and educational politics in the process of digital transformation. In the last two decades, she managed numerous digital education projects for (big) companies, universities, NGOs and independent initiatives. There are also ten years of teaching and research in universities. She is considered a creative trendsetter and describes herself as an educational transformer. Her purpose is, to empower individuals, institutions and regions to connect to modern, networked learning environments. Today, she offers studies, lectures, consulting and various online projects under the umbrella of FrolleinFlow GbR. FLOWCAMPUS is one of those online projects. It is an innovative network of creative people, bringing together the needs of small companies with the networking skills of the creative class.

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