Author: Jasmin Sponholz, Ulrike Reincke, Evans Gumbe
Offering Institution: Technische Hochschule Lübeck
Course Language: English
Field of Knowledge: Preparation Courses Free of Charge
Average Workload: 5 Hours Free of Charge Enrol

What awaits you in this course?

We provide you with much helpful information about our university, services for (international) students, visa application, health insurance, cost of living in Germany and also about the beautiful medieval town of Lübeck with its leisure activities.

What can you learn in this course?

  • You can find all the information you need about your chosen study programme, including the application requirements and contact persons.
  • You know how and where to submit your application and what you need to include. And you know what you need to do for the recognition of international degrees.
  • You can describe the process of how to get or renew a visa.
  • You can access information on semester fees, semester tickets, course and exam options, and exam registrations on the website of the TH Lübeck.
  • You could name the services offered by the TH Lübeck (e.g. Student Services, Language Centre, International Office, Career Development, University Sports).
  • You can find the most important buildings on campus (e.g. canteen, cafeteria or library).
  • You can calculate your costs of staying and living in Germany and how you will be able to cover them.
  • You know about leisure activities in and around Lübeck, so you won't be bored after your studies.
  • You know about the most important cultural and communicative pitfalls and are well-prepared for your first days at the TH Lübeck.


  • Welcome
  • Towards studying at THL
  • Planning your time at HL
  • First days in Lübeck
  • First steps at THL
  • Academic Life
  • Services by THL


TH Lübeck

Target group

This course is just right for you if you are not from Germany, you are interested in a semester abroad at the TH Lübeck, or if you already know for sure that you want to study here for some time.


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