Basics of Time Management

Author: Klaus Moseleit
Offering Institution: Technische Hochschule Lübeck
Course Language: Английский
Field of Knowledge: Einstiegskurse Free of Charge
Average Workload: 10 Hours Free of Charge Enrol

What awaits you in this course?

You don't know where your head is and you're completely out of your mind? Lost in the office jungle and the files pile up on your desk? Then we'll give you a helping hand and create the spirit for better planning and flexibility.

But let's get back to the subject of large piles of files. Do you remember? We know that's not the only thing to do. Whether at home or at work, good time management always gets you on the right track.

In our online course "Time Management" we talk to you about time thieves. Poor planning, uncertain priorities or time-critical decisions will soon be a thing of the past.

So enough time is wasted. :) It would be great if we could see you online in our course again. See you around.

What can you learn in this course?

  • Analysis of your time management
  • Compare with your goals
  • Effective prioritization of your goals
  • Planning, implementation and control of your productivity
  • Improving the quality of work



  1. Introduction to time management
  2. Analysis of the actual state
  3. Planning
  4. Prioritization and decision making
  5. Realization and control
  6. Communication and Information processing